jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Hard life (english version)

(Seulement en anglais-Only in english)

Special Breaking News __________

Here is the earth, southern hemisphere, latitude -21, longitude 149 (or so).

Here the sun is brutal,
The rain is almost nonexistent,

Wild animals are hidden to observe us,

Insects, spiders and ants try to sting ... but mostly they are eating,

The swimming critters keep us at a distance.

Here everything is ... no, nothing ...

Finally this is not an urgent message.
Because here, life is very sweet.


Here at Mackay, in our homesitting, everything is fine. The 2 cats and the big doggie are super nice. It rarely rains. We have sun wall to wall and it is always hot (between 25 and 35 C). During the day, we read, play on the computer / tablet and enjoy the pool. End pm, we take a walk with Diesel (the Bull Mastiff), then I'm going to train. In the evening, we listen to movies / TV shows. With the car owners, we move when we want. The big dirty life ... 

Program Change: Yesterday, our next sitting at Toowoomba (January 7-22) was canceled. We are thinking of leaving Australia at the end of the present assignment (January 5th). For the moment, Thailand is in our sights. Probably Bangkok, followed by Pattaya and any other interesting place. 
- Luc
To be continued !

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