lundi 3 avril 2017

Together or solo (English version)

Already 5 months Luc and I left Quebec, while the land was falling asleep for the long winter that the province has known.
Luc and I looked after a house in Chile (remember?), Then another in Ecuador. Looks like it's been years !!
Then a looooong flight to Turkey for two other houses to look after, in the harsh cold of the heights of Anatolia. And here Luc left me to return to Quebec, abandoned me alone in this country of Asia Minor, having for defense only my fists and my teeth (and still !!).

LOL, of course, I am kidding. Luc did not forsake me. He left ... for many reasons, but among other things to fulfill his need for cinematographic activity (he is preparing a shoot for the spring). And I stayed in Turkey.

Then, after the last Turkish homesitting, I took my backpack and the highways, and was driven by the wind, having no route in mind, just the will to see places in safe conditions.

Traveling solo, it's not easy you think? It's much easier than you think. Really. Believe the fearful lady that I am!
And there are plenty of benefits, including for my partner. Instead,
  • Was lucky the one who every morning did not have to jump out of bed early to go out to eat outside because he was not at home. Generally, he prefers to laze a little and start his day like any good retired ... quietly, in his comfortable slippers.
  • Was happy the man who did not have to follow his wife in all the souvenir shops encountered on the road. Anyway, he does not buy anything, then!
  • Was relieved who did not have to show his wretched side to all the people he met at random on sidewalks. He does not want to walk through the city. Usually people see him only little, he remains most often behind his computer.
  • Was glad who did not have to carry the bags of his partner. Usually ... No no. Usually he does it, all the time for that matter. He is a gentleman. As long as it is not by visiting the shopping malls.
  • Was quiet who did not have to drag his baskets in the museums that madame had chosen. He does not care much about history. Architecture either. And nor the feats of arms of people in the past (nor in the present). He does not want to see it real ... unless it's on TV. And even.
  • Was satisfied who did not have to try a new exotic, often strange, weird or bastard meal. He is satisfied with a good McDo. And is filled with it. (I exaggerate here, Luc likes to try new foods, but also likes his McDo, and so do I).
  • Is proud who has an autonomous wife, who goes where she wants, without having to drag him wherever she goes.
  • Is privileged the one who has a husband who accepts that she walks the streets of the world without him. And let her be delighted, and confident.
  • And blessed will they be at the time of the reunion because they will have plenty of things to tell each other.
Indeed, we will !

So the winter of 2016-17 is over.
Our summer is already partly organized: 2 homesittings in Quebec (April-May and July-August), plus my work as a horticulturist for my golden people.
And in the coming winter, it is expected that we will return to Australia (with most likely a jump for me in Israel.)
So, tie your hats, MF and Luc will be gone again !!!

Wish me a good flight, Monday, April 3rd, I'm going back to Quebec.

Marie France xx💕
P.S. Please note than my cell will be then in fonction (438) 321-8923

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